Important School Bus Information

Important information – Please read carefully

1. Students living within two miles of the school they attend are not eligible for transportation.

2. Due to Route planning, for utilization of buses, bus service is not provided to the babysitters, work or to visit friends.

3. Students are expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival time. In accordance with Florida Statutes, parents must arrange for supervision at the bus stop.

4. All students are reminded to respect the property of others and to maintain good behavior at all bus stop locations.

5. Requests for stop changes or additions must be submitted, in writing, to the Transportation Department.

6. Registration forms will be sent home with each student the first time he/she rides the bus. It is very important that parents complete all information on these registrations, including emergency contact information, so the Transportation Department may contact them if necessary.

7. F.E.F.P.-School Bus Funding Survey Periods will occur in the following months:

  • Survey 2- Oct. 11 – 15
  • Survey 3- Feb. 7 – 11

The School District receives funding for transporting students who reside 2 or more miles from their assigned school. In order to insure adequate funding, students are encouraged to ride the bus during these periods.

8. All students attending a school, other than their assigned school based on attendance boundaries, are not eligible for transportation.


Important Information for PK / KG Students

Please have your student wear a tag listing his/her name, address, grade Bus Route Number and school. Many children, at this age, fail to get off at the correct bus stop. Without proper identification it is difficult for the driver to assist them.


Attention all Parents / Guardians

For the first 10 days of school, until Route times are firmly established, please have your student to the bus stop location at least ten minutes prior to scheduled pick-up times. As bus rider-ship increases/decreases, bus stop times and locations are subject to change.



We are happy to announce a new service available to you should you become concerned about your child’s bus running late before or after school.

Instead of calling Dispatch, which is a very busy phone line, you may now call the Transportation Hotline at (772) 978-8199.

During the first few days of school bus stop times may vary. At other times during the school year there may be a substitute driver on the bus, the bus may break down, roads may have detours or rainy weather may occur causing your child’s bus to run late. All late bus information will be posted on the Hotline Number, (772) 978-8199.

Please allow at least 10 minutes past the regularly scheduled stop time before calling.

All students attending the Alternative Center for Education, the Simon Mall Program, or the Sebastian River High School International Baccalaureate Program, please contact your school for transportation assignments.


Training provided. Please Call: (772) 978-8814 or (772) 978-8820.

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