EATS: Why is it that I’m hungry after stir fry?

Two nights back I made a beef-broccoli stir fry, complete with carrots, onions, oriental mushrooms, water chestnuts and brown rice.

I have to say, Keith and I were stuffed as we cleaned our plates. But, like clockwork, half an hour later we were hungry again!

Why is that?

I don’t know of any other cuisine that leaves me feeling hungry so soon after eating. And, you would think, with all the goodies in the stir fry – beef, broccoli, and all those listed above – it would have made for a filling meal.

Maybe it’s because we didn’t have fortune cookies to cap the meal. Or maybe it was the hot green tea we sipped as we ate.

Regardless of the reason, it made for a good excuse to pop a bag of popcorn and pop in a movie.

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