HABITAT BLOG: Snowbird volunteers are gone – Help!

Every year, around this time, we feel a strange lightness here at Habitat. It is, to be precise, a lightness in volunteers resulting from the annual migration of our terrific snowbird building crews, who have flown away from the blazing peninsular heat to that place we like to refer to as – Up North.

Thus, we are putting out our summer call for – HELP!!!!!

If you’re out there and find yourself with some discretionary hours this summer, we’d love it if you would give some thought to volunteering with one of the very best non-profits on the planet – us!

I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll enjoy it a lot – also that you’ll work hard, sweat and meet a lot of really nice people. (Plus, there are snacks.)

And, of course, as the very foundation of our mission, you will be working side by side with people from all walks of life and faiths, as well as the Habitat homebuyers themselves, to provide simple, decent homes for qualified families in need.

You will be changing lives!

So give a call to our volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Schmitt, at 772-562-9860 x212 or e-mail her at jschmitt@irchabitat.org.

Oh, and – not to worry, if you have never, ever built anything before in your life, we train you and assign you a task that will fit your abilities. Have a good one

Sam Baita, Public RelationsIndian River Habitat for Humanity 772.562.9860 X220sbaita@irchabitat.org

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