Volunteer Center gets support from John’s Island Foundation

VERO BEACH – Plumbago Volunteer Services has received a $5,528 Capital Grant from John’s Island Foundation to increase the center’s ability to recruit and retain volunteers for organizations in Indian River County.

Plumbago’s mission is to promote volunteerism, connect people with opportunities to serve and to build the capacity of volunteer programs.

With its new office equipment and Volunteer software, Plumbago can increase volunteer recruitment in order to improve their support of organizations that address our communities’ greatest needs. They also plan to expand volunteer services in our county.

Dwindling income and tight budgets challenge nonprofit organizations to continue providing services with fewer resources. Volunteers often fill gaps that have been created.

Our community needs volunteers more than ever to help those in need. The Plumbago Volunteer Center helps nonprofit organizations meet their volunteer needs. The John’s Island Foundation grant will greatly enhance Plumbago’s ongoing efforts to attract new volunteers and retain the ones who are already serving in countless capacities.

For more information about Plumbago Volunteer Services and its programs and services, call (772) 257-8193 or email plumbagovs@yahoo.com.

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