Site for new pavilion at Riverview Park in Sebastian to get another look

SEBASTIAN – The location for a new pavilion on the east end of Riverview Park along the water will get another look from the Sebastian Recreation Advisory Committee, the Sebastian City Council decided.

The new pavilion would be situated either at the southeast corner or the northeast corner of the “event park” at Riverview Park, the committee had originally decided, leaning more in favor of the southeast corner, near where the entertainment stage is often set up for events in the park.

While the Sebastian City Council late last month approved moving forward with the purchase and construction of the pavilion, which would be in addition to the one on the west side of Indian River Drive, council members were not sure where the pavilion should be placed.

The committee recommended the southeast corner but also noted they would be supportive of the northern location.

During committee meetings, members thought the south corner would be best because the pavilion would not block the view of the waterfront as much as it would if it were situated farther north on the property.

The Recreation Advisory Committee is scheduled to have a special meeting to discuss again the site for the pavilion. That meeting is set for 6 p.m. on Monday, June 6. It will be held at Riverview Park near the twin piers on the east end of the park.

Council members Andrea Coy, Richard Gillmor and Don Wright suggested the northern corner would be better as the pavilion would not conflict with the event stage.

Coy pointed out that many weddings are held in the northern corner and the pavilion would be a nice asset to offer.

“The south corner is not open the way it should be,” Wright said, justifying his preference for the northern corner.

Councilman Eugene Wolff cautioned the council on changing the site of the pavilion, given the committee’s recommendation.

He said that he would prefer to hear from the committee as to its reasons for placing the pavilion in the southeast corner, next to the Sportsman’s Lodge.

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