Indian River County EOC switches to new alert system

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY – The Indian River County Emergency Operations Center is switching to a new emergency alerting system. Go to to sign up.

More than 700 county residents have already signed up for the new alerting system. If you haven’t yet, sign up today to continue receiving alerts from the Emergency Operations Center.  

Once at, look at the bottom left. A link, “Sign up for Emergency Email Alerts,” will take you to a quick and easy sign up form.

This service is still free and all messages are written in the local emergency management office. Please enter your email address carefully. If you have already signed up but did not receive a confirmation email, please try again.

Once you have submitted your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email. This is to protect your privacy and you only have to confirm once.

Just open the email, click on the first link (or you can cut and past the link into your web browser) and you will continue receiving EOC alerts. 

Other improvements include:

Subscribe/Unsubscribe easily using our online form

Larger graphics

All information resides locally on a secure server

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