Cuban restaurant could call Vero Beach Airport home

VERO BEACH – A Cuban restaurant has plans to move into the Vero Beach Municipal Airport complex, if the Vero Beach City Council approves.

The council is expected to approve the lease agreement under its consent agenda this evening.

Cuban Gourmet Cuisine would move into where La Fonda Cocina Mexicana has been operating, according to city documents.

La Fonda representatives have told the city it does not want to renew its lease and has been considering vacating its location.

“Cuban Gourmet Cuisine is anxious to obtain possession and begin renovations as soon as possible,” Airport Director Eric Menger wrote in the city records.

The restaurant’s lease would be for 10 years with two 5-year extension options, for a possible total of 20 years.

The city expects to collect almost $360,600 over the initial 10-year lease period. The restaurant would also be allowed to renovate the site while not paying the first three months’ rent immediately. That rent would then be paid back over the course of the 10 years.

In order to approve Cuban Gourmet Cuisine’s lease, the Vero Beach City Council would also have to approve terminating La Fonda Cocina Mexicana’s lease.

The lease, as is, would expire at the end of July. However, because La Fonda is ready to leave and Cuban Gourmet is ready to move in, the city’s staff is willing to consider terminating La Fonda’s lease ahead of schedule.

“Staff has worked hard to bring in a new tenant for the existing facility,” Menger wrote. “Under current economic circumstances, it was difficult to find a replacement tenant for this facility.” Menger wrote.

Also on the agenda for the Vero Beach City Council this evening is a proposal to enter an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation to develop a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan, and discussion on several issues, including the city’s water and wastewater utility, the city’s sign ordinance, and Florida Power & Light.

The Vero Beach City Council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the Vero Beach City Council Chambers. The meeting will be televised live on Comcast Channel 13 and live streamed on the city’s website,

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