PET PARADE: Pet peeve – driving with dog in lap

One of my big pet peeves is people who drive with their dog in their laps.

This is just so dangerous.

So many cars have control switches on the steering wheel that are difficult to reach with a dog in the way. The dog is a huge distraction too.

Petting Fluffy while you are driving down the highway is a poor choice from a safety point of view.

If your dog is in your lap and your airbag deploys, your dog will be smashed into your face!

This would be lethal for the dog and possibly for you too.

If you really love your dog, put them in the back seat.

Use a harness, a dog car seat or a crate to restrain them.

Dogs become a projectile in the event of an accident.

For your safety as well as your pets, use common sense and keep all of us safe!

Cissy Sumner, CPDT-KABest Behavior Dog TrainingMember, Board of Directors, CCPDTAPDT #062323AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #13985Vero Beach,

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