Repairs to Laconia Street in Sebastian could be costlier than first thought

SEBASTIAN – The necessary repairs to Laconia Street to make the roadbed stable could cost more to perform than engineers originally expected, according to Sebastian City Manager Al Minner.

The price tag, which had been estimated at $56,000 could now be as high as $125,000.

Minner has told the Sebastian City Council that the contractors who performed the work on Laconia have indicated that they would foot the bill.

“Everyone’s playing nice, right now,” Minner told this week.

He and the contractors- APAC-Southeast and Asphalt Recycling – had an on-site meeting Tuesday to review the areas in question and are now working on a better way of determining if those spots are deficient and, if so, by how much.

There are several spots on Laconia where the base rock materials were still exposed, though asphalt should have been laid over it.

Minner said he hopes to have that process figured out by the first of next week, in time for him to give the city council another update.

He has told the council that he’d like to get Laconia patched up by the end of March, or at the latest mid-April, before the rainy season begins.

“I think we have positive forward movement,” Minner told the council, adding that APAC has shown signs that it is going to “own up” to its workmanship.

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