Former Amnesty International Director to speak at Emerson Center

VERO BEACH — The Emerson Center is proud to welcome Dr. William F. Schulz to its stage on Saturday, March 26 at 4 p.m. According to the New York Review of Books in June, 2002, Dr. Schulz, the former director of Amnesty International USA, has done more than anyone in American human rights movement to make human rights issues known in the United States. His lecture will address such questions as reconciling respect for human rights with our need for personal and national security, when should we use our military might to enforce human rights, and must human rights take a back seat to our quest for renewed prosperity?

Dr. Schulz, an ordained minister, was appointed to the position in March, 1994 after serving for fifteen years with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (USA) where he served for President from 1985 to 1993.

It was then Dr. Schulz was involved in a wide variety of international and social justice causes, traveling extensively both in the United States and abroad. He led the first visit by a U.S. Member of Congress to post-revolutionary Romania in 1991; in 1992, he consulted with the Holdeen India Fund in India, and has since participated in Amnesty missions to Liberia, Northern Ireland and Cuba Darfur, Sudan to help redress the humanitarian crisis in those regions.

Throughout his career, Dr. Schulz has been outspoken in his opposition to the death penalty and his support for women’s rights, gay and lesbian rights and racial justice.

He has served on the boards of People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood Federation of American and is currently a member of the International Advisory Committee for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award and the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Service Commission.  He has appeared frequently on radio and television and has been published and is quoted widely in newspapers and magazines.

Revenues derived from his lecture will be donated to Barakat, an Afghanistan organization providing literacy and empowerment programs for girls and women, and Camp Oasis, a Haitian organization providing a safe haven for girls aged 4-19 who were orphaned by the earthquake.

The Emerson Center, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach, is located at 1590 27th Avenue, on the SE corner of 16th Street and 27th Avenue.

Tickets are $30 and may be purchased at or at the Box Office, 772-778-5249

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