E-FIT: Special gloves, socks help me get a grip

In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I’d been hinting to Keith that I need to get a grip on my workouts. I find that despite wearing tennis shoes during my workout, my feet slip when I perform certain yoga poses. Going bare-foot, too, is equally a challenge.

Turns out – hubby was listening and surprised me with yoga gloves and socks with little nibs of rubber on the palms and soles. Today, I broke them in, trying them out for the first time. I have to say, that despite the odd sensations of having my fingertips sticking out of the gloves and my toes wrapped individually, they really did help.

Moving into a Warrior pose, my back foot adhered itself to the floor, nearly unyielding once the foot was planted.

That – I have found – is both a good thing and a bad thing.

I didn’t have my foot quite where I needed it to be to keep my balance. Wobbling a bit, I was able to get my foot where it needed to be to keep from falling over!

The gloves, too, helped to keep my hands from sliding out from under me while performing hip-extensions – a move where one hand and the opposite leg move out from the body and then are brought back in.

Sometimes, the hand that’s supposed to keep my torso elevated above the ground will slip and I lose my balance, narrowly avoiding cracking my chin on the floor.

More grip means no slip – which makes for a more stable me.

The one downside to the socks and gloves my husband got me is that they are black – they show every piece of cream-colored cat fur that blends so masterfully into the carpet.


At least the gloves and socks keep the kitty litter from embedding into my skin.

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