Sebastian parks committee discusses recessed lighting for Easy Street Park

SEBASTIAN – Recessed lighting could be the solution to dark walkways at Easy Street Park in Sebastian.

The Parks and Recreation Committee met Monday evening to discuss what, if any, lights they should recommend be installed at the park.

The estimated $60,000 project could be funded through the city’s recreation impact fees, which developers are charged as new homes are built.

Lighting is only one aspect of the project. Approximately $40,000 of the work would entail new walking paths.

The committee decided that tall lights at the park would not be the right fit for the park, as many homes surround the park and could be impacted by the light thrown off by the lamps.

Instead, the committee is considering two, less expensive options that include lights that would be recessed into the sidewalk and lights that stand about 18 inches tall to line the paths.

City Manager Al Minner told the committee that the short lights would be less problematic to install and maintain, but the recessed lights might be even easier to take care of.

He cautioned them, though, that the lights sunk into the sidewalk could, over time, trap moisture from rain and require maintenance.

“I think it’s kind of worth looking at it,” Minner said.

The committee appeared to favor the recessed lights but still willing to consider the 18-inch tall lights.

Minner said if the city were to go with the recessed lights, they would be installed in such a way as to not be a tripping hazard on the sidewalks.

Member John Tenerowicz asked if the lighting would be electric or solar powered, to which Parks Superintendent Chris McCarthy replied they would be electric.

McCarthy explained that he had concerns about just how much light would be put out by the solar-powered lamps.

Member Scott Simpson is expected to make a presentation and propose a recommendation to the Sebastian City Council at an upcoming meeting.

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