Vero Beach Council sticks with firm to search for City Manager

VERO BEACH – The Vero Beach City Council Tuesday decided to stick with the firm it approved earlier this month to find a City Manager.

After the meeting earlier in the month, city staff realized that one of the bidders who sought the head-hunting job was left out of the Vero Beach City Council’s agenda materials and thus not considered.

City Councilwoman Tracy Carroll reaffirmed her support for the selected firm, HR Dynamics and dismissed the other firm, Bob Murray and Associates, explaining that Bob Murray and Associates’s bid came in higher than HR Dynamics’s bid.

Her fellow council members unanimously agreed to reaffirm their selection of HR Dynamics with a vote of 4-0. Councilman Craig Fletcher was absent from the special council meeting.

Along with approving HR Dynamics as the winning bidder to conduct the search for a city manager, the council also agreed to approve the contract with the firm, which sets a base price of $15,000 and $500 in expenses.

HR Dynamics estimates that their work will take approximately 90 days and will include one-on-one meetings with council members and the possible formation of a selection committee to help sort through candidates.

Interim City Manager Monte Falls told the council that any committee that were to be formed to assist in selecting a city manager would be noticed and open to the public.

“He knows that as well as us,” Falls said, referring to the representative from Vero Beach-based HR Dynamics.

Interim City Attorney Wayne Coment told the council that there would be several steps taken during the course of the search prior to the formation of a committee.

City Clerk Tammy Vock also informed the council that HR Dynamics is already interested in scheduling meetings with individual council members and that she would begin to get those meetings lined up.

Kenny Benedict, a long-time resident of Vero Beach, addressed the council, cautioning them to consider their options when selecting the city manager.

“Don’t overlook what you have before you,” he said, referring to Falls.

Falls was appointed the interim city manager after then-City Manager Jim Gabbard retired.

“He has stepped up to this position,” Benedict said. “He has proved himself worthy and I think he would serve the city very well.”

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