UPDATE: Vero Beach Power Plant testing rescheduled for Wednesday

VERO BEACH – The Vero Beach Power Plant is nearing the end of a project to replace Heat Recovery Steam Generator Superheater sections.

As part of that process, the generating unit will blow high-pressure steam through the pipe system.

In this testing mode, the steam will be vented from the pipe, which will create a loud noise, similar to a jet engine, and a plume of water vapor that might be noticeable to residents in the nearby community.

This testing phase is not representative of how the unit will normally operate.  The steam blow method is designed to be a continuous high velocity and low pressure steam vent producing less than 90db (decibels) and no more than 60db at the plant boundary line.

The testing phase is currently scheduled to begin Wednesday, Feb. 23, and will last for approximately 24 hours, assuming all goes as planned.

Nearby residents can expect more sound and steam than normal for a 24-hour period.

For further information, please contact the Power Plant at (772) 978-5050.

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