Fearless Creating Workshop with Shotsi LaJoie and Julia Carter

VERO BEACH — Shotsi LaJoie and Julia Carter, artists at Tiger Lily Studio and Gallery will host an upcoming Fearless Creating Workshop.  The six-week workshop will run Sundays from 3:30 to 5 p.m. February 6 through March 13 at the Gallery, 1903 14th Avenue. The course is a step by step guide to starting and completing your work. It is open to writers, artists, musicians, actors and creators in any field.

“If you are to create, you must invite anxiety in” – anonymous

They will challenge you to discover “your blocks,” welcome them into the group, acknowledge them for what they are and perhaps where they originated so you can be freed up to CREATE!  This is a course about the process of remaining un-tethered, unencumbered, and completely free to move into a productive and fulfilling creative space.

•       You will learn the stages of the creative process

•       Understand how to choose your next subject

•       Start your work with confidence

•       Work in the moment

•       Complete your work

•       Bring it to the public

A requirement of the course is to purchase the book, Fearless Creating, by Eric Maisel, which is available at the Vero Beach Book Center.  Your homework is to read Chapters 1 and 2 before the first class.

Shotsi Cain Lajoie is a self-taught artist and a member of Tiger Lily Art Studios and Gallery. She is a graduate of St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Ind. and attended business school. She is a licensed psychotherapist and began teaching psychological models in 1979. She currently teaches at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Julia Sharp Carter is also an artist at Tiger Lily. She is a graduate of UF and received a Master’s Degree in Education from USF. She is a self-taught artist and fearless when adding color to her canvas. She is a believer in Maisel’s work and is excited to share this process with an intimate audience.

Cost for the workshop is $125.

To register call (772) 778-3443.  Class size is limited.

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