Children travel to outer space during Gifford Library’s Craft Hour

GIFFORD – More than a dozen children took off for outer space Wednesday afternoon, discarding their backpacks and making travel arrangements.

They might not have traveled physically to the outer reaches of the galaxy, but in their minds – they did.

It’s the power of crafts, according to Library Associate Kittie Buskirk said. She leads the Craft Hour at the Gifford Library, which started up again this season Wednesday and continues through April 27.

The children sat around tables and created planets, moons and comets of fabric, paper plates and glue dots.

“Sticky, icky, picky glue,” 6-year-old Anani Hendley said to herself while working on a comet. Moments later, she sat her elbow down on a sheet of the glue dots, which stuck to her skin.

“It feels funny,” she said, giggling while trying to peel them off.

E.J. Exeatus, 5, also crafted a comet – a popular choice amongst the kids.

“I’m going to hang mine up at home for Mom,” he said.

Miss Kittie – as the children call her – explained that the planetary craft session came about in a flash of inspiration.

“Those were the crafts I found,” she said, adding that if it weren’t for finding them, the children would have been weaving yarn around craft sticks making a cat’s eye.

Following the crafts, Miss Kittie took a vote of the children to determine which book they should read. Each one split the kids – many screaming “Yeah” while many others screamed “No.”

The one that seemed to have the most support was “Another Day in the Milky Way” by David Milgrim. The story is that of a child who, instead of waking up on Earth, wakes up on another planet, with aliens for parents.

Miss Kittie said arts and crafts are important for children, especially young ones because it helps them to become more coordinated, develops their creativity and manual dexterity, and helps them understand the importance of following instructions.

The Gifford Library will continue to host Craft Hour from 4 to 5 p.m. through April. For information about the class, call (772) 794-1005.

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