Fellsmere Council approves new water, ice dispensary in town

FELLSMERE – A new business is poised to open in Fellsmere, selling water and ice to the public.

The Fellsmere City Council unanimously approved what City Manager Jason Nunemaker called the simplest such contract for such a business. KLF Enterprises Inc., represented by Lisa Frederick of Sebastian, has plans to sell water and ice from a vending machine located at 6 South Oak Street.

The business will join several others around the city.

Because the City of Fellsmere has its own water plant, it controls and regulates the sale of water to customers. As such, KLF Enterprises needed a permit from the city to sell.

Under the conditions of the contract with the city, the business will be allowed to filter the water. However, the company cannot add anything to the water.

Also, KLF Enterprises will not be allowed to add extra taxes or fees to the retail price of the water, except those allowed under state law.

It is unclear when the business will start operating.


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