E-FIT: New workout resolve sparks more resolutions

I didn’t know that when I resolved to workout more to trim a few pounds that it would lead to another New Year’s resolution – vacuum more often.

Mind you, Keith and I keep our home fairly clean – my family’s motto was “clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy – so we vacuum on a regular basis.

But ever since I’ve started working out with the Wii system, in the comfort of my own living room, I’ve begun to notice…let’s say… “stuff” in the carpet.

Yesterday, I was performing the Yoga pose Downward Facing Dog. Well, my downward facing dog was faced with kitty fuzz and litter.

Not only did I feel like I would sneeze at any moment from the fluff, but as I moved into the Crescent pose, a couple piece of kitty litter stuck to my palms!

So now, I’m apt to vacuum more than what we had been doing – I guess I’ll count that toward my workout.

Have you resolved to hit the gym or try out some exercise programs on your home gaming system? Are you finding that you’re making resolutions on top of resolutions – as I am?

I’d love to hear from you – so leave your comments below or email them to comments@veronews.com with E-Fit in the subject line.

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