Saint Edward’s Class of 2011 aces College Board ACT test

VERO BEACH — Forty-three percent of Saint Edward’s Senior class scored at the 90  percentile or above on America’s most widely accepted college entrance exam according to scores recently reported by the testing agency.

Saint Edward’s students scored an average composite score of 26.4.  

The ACT College Entrance Exam is designed to test the skill level and predict a student’s ability to complete college-level work in four areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.

According to the most recent available national averages (test takers in 2009), the average composite score nation-wide is 21. The average composite score achieved by students in Florida is 19.5.

Saint Edward’s entire class of 2011 test-takers achieved an average composite score (averaging all subject areas of all test takers) 25% higher than the national average. In comparison to the ACT test takers in Florida, Saint Edward’s Seniors score an average of 35% higher than the state-wide average.

A full 25 percent of the Senior Class of 2011 scored better than 90 percent of college bound students nationwide and 11 percent of the seniors scored in the nation’s 99th percentile. The next ten percent of the class scored in the 98th percentile nation-wide.

The very middle of the Saint Edward’s Senior Class (mean score of 26.3) scored better than 80 prcent of the college bound seniors nationwide.

Saint Edward’s School is a co-educational, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, college preparatory school committed to educational excellence. Students begin college planning in the 8th grade and attend some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country.

The School community’s hallmark is intense faculty involvement that fosters the development of learners, leaders and achievers.

The Upper School curriculum is designed to offer students at all levels challenging college-preparatory work in addition to Honors level and Advanced Placement coursework.

The Lower and Middle School divisions’ curriculum is designed to build a continuum of skills starting in the earliest years and culminating in extremely well-prepared college-bound graduates as attested by the results of the ACT College Entrance Exam.

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