EATS: No electricity, no coffee – big problem!

A couple days ago, we woke up extra early – not because the alarm clock went off but because the battery backup on the computer was beeping. It was a sure sign that our electricity was out.

I can handle no heat – we have plenty of blankets. I can handle no lights – the sun was beginning to rise.

But no coffee? Vero Beach, we have a problem!

With two assignments back to back that morning, there was no way I could face the world without a steamy cup of java.

What to do…what to do?!

I have a power inverter in the car, which allows me to plug in a heating pad for long trips or power my laptop when the battery runs low. Why not plug in the coffee pot?

Sigh – it’s never as easy as that.

I prepped the coffee pot, braced myself for the chill in the air and went out to the car.

Saying a little prayer to the coffee gods, I plugged in the inverter and the coffee pot and hit “power.”

The light flickers – beeps – then nothing.

Try again. Nothing. Again. Nothing.

Another sigh.

No coffee.

Good to find this out now, instead of in the middle of a hurricane. Now I’ll pick up instant coffee to put in my hurricane survival kit for next season.

Running out of time to get a cup of coffee before my first assignment, Keith and I left for the office, which was just down the road from the interview.

Finally – with a warm cup of fresh brewed coffee in my hands, I could tackle the day!

Happy Eats – and stay warm out there!

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