VISUAL BLOG: You’re stuffed, and so is your camera?

It’s the first weekday after a big Thanksgiving Holiday. You’ve had your Thanksgiving meal five times over already and you’ve taken a thousand photos of everything from relatives to the feast.

What are you going to do next? Back when we shot film it was easy – take the canisters to the photo lab, drop them off and pick them up in an hour.

Now, more memories are being lost because photographers either forget they have photos to print out or they have no means of saving or storing them.

Please, for the next generations sake, take some time and skip a trip to Starbucks (or take your laptop/camera  with you) and organize and edit down the photos you want to print out.

If you haven’t purchased a photo album they’re not that expensive and they have so many different styles to suit you.

So, before Christmas comes around and you have another thousand photos to take and you find yourself triaging Thanksgiving 2010, take the time and save your memories. One day you might want to see and remember the good times of Turkey Day 2010.

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