HAVE CAMERA: Double the computers, double the fun/work

As I write this blog (listening to dueling banjos from Deliverance) I try to remember the two 17 1/2-hour days I put into editing the candidate interviews last weekend.

It started with one laptop, then Debbie and I quickly realized with one it wouldn’t get done in time for our Monday deadline.

So, off to the office for a little B & E, not really because I have a key. I’m surprised someone didn’t stop me when I was making my way to the car with my office computer and bag full of accessories.

When I got home, I turned our kitchen table into “election central.” No holograms or beaming in of candidates, just a lot of editing.

Like last year, we used a green screen effect, substituting our green wall for a graphic our designers created.

Again, like last year, some knew what the green wall behind them was for, some didn’t. We joked with some of the candidates we would put the Vero Beach power plant behind them – or if we didn’t like them – we’d come up with something else a little more devious.

I think that lightened up the mood a little for them.

Almost all followed the instructions not to wear green, although one joked he was going to wear a green suit to make his body disappear.

It was a fun project . With a lot of help from Debbie keeping me on track, we were able to get the in-studio candidate interviews on our Elections Sections Monday. You can check them out here: Elections 2010 Section.

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