A step-by-step guide to passing your driving test with flying colors

You’ve put in your time in at traffic school, finished classroom driving courses and behind the wheel training. You’ve put your learner’s permit to good use practicing with your parents and now there’s one small feat standing between you and the open road – your driving test.

While taking your test may seem nerve-wracking, you have already attained all the knowledge you need to pass the test. But a little extra review before you take the test won’t hurt. Here are a few final steps to take before you head to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the test:

* Practice makes perfect. Prepare for the test by being comfortable driving in all situations and scenarios including inclement weather, rush hour traffic, etc. Encourage the person teaching you to provide constructive criticism, as it will enforce good habits that you can carry into the test.

* A little extra review never hurts. Refresh yourself by going through the materials you were given during your driving courses. Check to see if your state’s DMV has a practice guide on its website. You Tube is also a good resource for videos on passing your driving test if you are more of a visual person.

* Get enough sleep the night before a test and make sure you have a good breakfast.

* Bring all necessary materials to the test headquarters, including your certificates of completion for your required training and your learner’s permit.

* Have your parents help you inspect the vehicle you will be using for the test ahead of time to make sure everything is working properly and safely.

* Be on time to the test, so you aren’t rushing and you don’t make a bad first impression to the evaluator.

* When it comes time to take your test, adjust your mirrors and make sure you fasten your seat belt. Listen carefully to the examiner’s instructions, as he or she is there to help, not trick you.

* Brake, accelerate and steer gently and gradually. Obey speed limits at all times and go slower if you think weather and traffic conditions call for you to do so.

* Don’t forget to look both ways at intersection and check for oncoming traffic before pulling out from a parking spot or changing lanes.

Nerves are a typical occurrence for anyone just about to take the driving test, but if you are prepared, it will go much smoother, and your odds of leaving the test with your official license in hand will greatly increase.

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