Dentist office willing to pay top dollar for spooks’ Halloween candy

VERO BEACH —  Goblins and ghouls who collect more than their fill of candy this Halloween can turn that sugar into cold, hard cash for a cause.

On Nov. 1, Dermody Pediatric Dentistry will be paying $1 per pound of Halloween candy to any child who brings the sweet stuff in. That candy will then be shipped to American soldiers serving on foreign soil, giving them a little taste of home. Last year, Dermody’s office collected approximately 1,000 pounds, Office Manager Lynn Fowler said. The year before was 600 pounds.

“This year? Who knows,” she said.

This will be the third year the offiice has tempted children to part with the sweets in exchange for the green.

“They don’t need all that sugar,” Fowler said of the children. “It’s just not good for them.”

The soldiers, however, are a different story – there’s no doubt they are active and know to brush their teeth.

Dermody Pediatric Denstistry, located at 2000 35th Ave., at the corner of State Road 60, is the only Indian River County dentist office participating in Cash For Candy. Four other Port St. Lucie offices are also taking part in the program.

Staff at Dermody’s will collect the candy, sort it and then send it off to be shipped to US soldiers overseas.

Unlike last year, when they had to turn the candy around in a matter of a day, Dermody’s staff has until Friday to get the candy sorted and packed, Fowler said.

However, the dentist’s office will only accept candy on Monday, Nov. 1, from 3 to 6 p.m.

It “gives them a great sense of pride,” Fowler said of the children who bring in their candy. “Moms and dads are just tickled.”

Fowler added that not every child accepts the money offered for their candy. Instead, the children just wish to sign the oversized card to be sent with the candy to the troops.

Along with signing the card and getting a few dollars – up to $10 – children will also be given a goody bag filled with coupons, a toothbrush and other such items.

Fowler said their office is prepared for 300 kids and, if need be, will fill a few more bags to cover this year’s demand.


Cash For Candy

What: Children get $1 per pound of Halloween candy brought in

Who: Dermody Pediatric Dentistry

Where: 2000 35th Ave., Vero Beach (at State Road 60)

When:  Monday, Nov. 1, 3 to 6 p.m.

Info: Call (772) 562-5150

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