Childcare Resources hosts grand opening of new Education Center

VERO BEACH — Childcare Resources celebrated the opening of its sparkling new Education Center on the grounds of the Trinity Episcopal Church campus in Vero Beach, with an official Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Thursday morning.

This is the first center managed by Childcare Resources, which also utilizes seven other accredited childcare centers in Vero Beach and Sebastian – Maitland Farms Preschool, two Tuner’s Preschools, Community Preschool, the Learning Nest, Tiny Treasures and Nanny’s Preschool, for children enrolled in the program.


Childcare Resources was a recipient of a $116,000 transformational grant from Impact 100 this past spring, and a number of Impact 100 representatives were getting a first-hand look how those funds were utilized.

“It’s exciting to see the quality of the furniture and the equipment,” said Impact 100 Grant Chairman Jane Coyle.  “It’s so excellent; it’s going to last for years.”

The grant helped fund the new Infant Suite, which will eventually have 23 babies.  Cute little six-week-old Alex Ferrara, who blissfully slept through most of celebration, will be one of the youngest members when he joins the Center on Oct. 18.   His mother Erica said that his three-year-old sister Isabella is also enrolled in the program, attending Maitland Farms Preschool.

“I’m thrilled that our grant was so impactful so quickly,” said Impact 100 Board President Laura McDermott.  “All the women of Impact 100 would be very proud.”

Board President Erin Grall explained that the Center is staffed from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in order to accommodate parents who must be either working or in school full-time, or a combination of the two.  And, while parents do contribute, enrollment costs are on a sliding scale based on how much they can reasonably afford.

The Center is currently staffed by 12 full-time and three part-time employees, most of whom have either Bachelor or Associate degrees.

“We actually exceeded our staff education goals,” said Grall.  “And we’re starting a strong volunteer program.”   

Simonetta and Tommy Steyer generously donated funds for the lush outdoor Play Scape, filled with age appropriate slides, tricycles, climbing apparatus, hammocks and toys.

“I think it’s beautiful,” said Styer, who made the donation in memory of his parents.  “We’re happy that we could help and could do something for the community.”

During a brief ribbon cutting ceremony Michael Kint, United Way Executive Director, praised Childcare Resources’ dedication to quality, saying that children will be reaping the benefits for a lifetime.

Pam King, Childcare Resources Executive Director and Board President Erin Grall thanked the board members, staff, volunteers and numerous donors who had made the vision a reality, and then the two officially cut the ribbon the new facility.

Childcare Resources provides affordable, high quality, early childhood and family support programs for children of income eligible working families in Indian River County. {igallery 274}

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