Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink visits Indian River County

VERO BEACH — Fresh from a combative debate with Rick Scott, Democratic candidate Alex Sink met with hundreds of supporters Saturday and assured them she would be governor for all Floridians.Sink worked the crowd estimated at about 250 gathered at Joey’s Bistro. In her brief remarks she said she would live up to her promise to represent the people regardless of their political affiliation. “That is not a partisan message, it is a message for Democrats, independents and Republicans alike,” she said. “When I am governor I am going to be nobody’s governor, but your governor for all the people of Florida, we are going to come together.”Sink and her Republican opponent Rick Scott met Friday in Miami and traded barbs, which she continued in her remarks to the Indian River County crowd. “As I told him yesterday, Rick if you plan on running Florida the way you ran your business, that is a pretty frightening prospect,” Sink said referring to $1.7 billion in fines Scott’s health care facility company paid for medicare fraud.Despite her call for unity it was a clearly Democrat-leaning audience and Sink noted the 48 percent to 30 percent edge Republicans have over Democrats in Indian River County. “Let it not be said that the people of Indian River County will not vote for a Democrat,” she said.She also touched on her economic platform, which calls for diversifying Florida’s economic base with renewable energy and green technology and providing tax breaks to help start-up small businesses.”We are going to revive this economy, but we are also going to diversify this economy in this area so we don’t go through something like this ever again in the state of Florida,” she said.She was also asked about the prospect of raising taxes, which has been put out by her adversary.”My opponent lies,” she said. “I don’t have a single plan to raise taxes. He’s just saying that to scare people.”

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