Sebastian Council to blaze trails with new signs in town

SEBASTIAN — New signs could be popping up along the main streets of Sebastian pointing out places of interest and announcing historic and special districts.

Council members recently decided that the “trailblazer” signs would be a better use of redevelopment funds than replacing the city’s long-established “Friendly People and Six Old Grouches” entry signs. “There’s history behind that,” Vice Mayor Jim Hill said, adding that the wording needs to remain the same if new signs were created.

The council decided not to replace the current signs.

“I like the signs the way they are,” Mayor Richard Gillmor said.

Instead of spending as much as $250,000 that had been earmarked for gateway improvements, the council decided it should focus on what it already has make improvements there.

The Sebastian Council had briefly considered replacing the city’s large “Welcome” signs on US 1, but ultimately agreed that there is nothing wrong with the signs aside from bare landscaping and rusting foundations.

“I think everything has to be modest,” Councilman Eugene Wolff said of any and all improvements the council decides to approve.

As for the trailblazer signs, which the city currently doesn’t have – aside from a couple markers announcing the city’s historic district along US 1 – the expense would be minimal, according to consultant Frank Watanabe.

The initial cost could be about $1,000 for designing and engineering the template sign and then a couple hundred dollars for each one produced to point out the waterfront, the parks, City Hall, the airport, and other places that could draw visitors’ attention.

Councilman Don Wright said that of all the possible improvements the city could make to its thoroughfares, the directional signs should be of the highest priority.

He said that even many Sebastian residents don’t know where City Hall is.

“I think this is a good start,” Councilwoman Andrea Coy said of the small signs, which could be placed throughout the city, not just along US 1 and Indian River Drive.

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