LoPresti to offer aircraft maintenance at Sebastian Airport

SEBASTIAN — LoPresti Aviation will be allowed to provide maintenance for aircraft, engines and accessories, the Sebastian City Council decided.

Airport Director Joe Griffin told the council that the aviation company approached him a couple months ago, seeking another designation under its lease to allow for the expanded services. The new classification – Specialized Aeronautical Service Operator – means that the company can maintain, repair and make modifications to what LoPresti currently manufactures and installs at the airport.

It could also mean the addition of jobs at the business, according to city officials.

How many jobs or when those jobs might be available was not discussed at the meeting.

This is the second lease amendment between LoPresti Aviation and the City of Sebastian.

The first amendment was approved in January, allowing the company to forgo its monthly rent payments for nine months due to the ailing aviation market.

LoPresti Aviation’s rent is $3,700, and once the company starts paying rent again – in October – it will have to pay an extra $1,000 until the back rent has been paid off.

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