Indian River County Schools get a Paper Boost

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Year round teachers scrounge for supplies to help them mold the minds of our children. Smaller budgets has left many schools digging deep to equip their classrooms. Though there are many school drives, most occur at the onset of the school year. Additionally, most school supply drives don’t include paper. Paper is sometimes overlooked as a school supply; however, it is necessary element in the classroom. Teachers and schools are left to try and make the most with less. These tough economic times require greater community involvement.

The H.U.G.S. (Help Us Get Supplies) 4 Learning Project is an initiative that began with Renee Dean as a result of her experience as a substitute teacher and parent. Renee is a true advocate for education and youth services and would like to do her part in helping teachers get the supplies they need to educate our children. H.U.G.S. 4 Learning’s mission is to aide in providing the supplies and youth services necessary to achieve a quality education for our future leaders.

Plumbago Volunteer Services is Indian River County’s Volunteer Center. Their mission is to promote volunteerism, connect people with the opportunity to serve, and to build the capacity of volunteer programs in Indian River County. Plumbago strives to meet the needs of the community through the work and passion of volunteers. The H.U.G.S. 4 Learning Project seeks to enhance the involvement of the community in the public school system. H.U.G.S 4 Learning and Plumbago are working together to address this community need.

H.U.G.S 4 Learning and Plumbago’s goal is to collect 200 reams of paper to be distributed amongst the most neediest of elementary schools in Indian River County. Five lucky teachers will be selected from the public elementary schools to receive additional paper donations throughout the year.  Supporters of education and children that have already made donations to this cause include, but are not limited to, Sun Trust Bank (43rd Ave. Branch), Eco-Colour, Westside Reprographics, Don’s Import Auto, and the Dragon Quilt Shop.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Renee Dean at or (772) 257-8193.

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