A bit of confusion at the local daily over kilowatt hours

If you were worried that you were being short-changed on the electricity rebate described in the top Page 1 story in the Saturday morning Press Journal, no need for concern.

The paper, in the lead paragraph of the lead story, said Vero Beach Utility’s electric rates will not rise in September “despite the scheduled expiration of a $2.50 per kilowatt hour rebate.”

If, in fact, customers were receiving a $2.50 per kilowatt hour rebate, the person described as an average Vero Beach utility customer would be getting a monthly rebate check of about $2,500.00.  Large electric users would be getting checks approaching or exceeding $10,000 monthly.

Both the reporter and the paper’s editors seemed to miss out on the error in the lead, which should have referred to a $2.50 per 1,000 kilowatt hours rebate.  Twenty four hours later, the story was still wrong on their website.

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