School Board gives superintendent high marks, affirms contract

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY – Indian River County School District Superintendent Harry La Cava will stick around as the district’s leader for another year, the School Board unanimously decided Tuesday night.

Without discussion, the School Board approved the superintendent’s evaluation summary – a compilation of their individual evaluations of La Cava, which gave him a 7.7 out of a perfect 10.


The score is in keeping with La Cava’s performance over the last two years, which were 7.6 and 7.9 – “above expectations.”

On the heels of approving the evaluation, the School Board also unanimously approved La Cava’s contract, affirming that his contract will expire on June 30, 2011.

The School Board members did not discuss or debate La Cava’s contract, though member Claudia Jimenez asked when the time would be for them to discuss La Cava’s expected retirement as part of the state’s Deferred Retirement Option Program.

La Cava enrolled in the program, which deferred his retirement for five years. That fifth year ends with his contract in 2011 and would require him to be retired for six months before going back to work at the Indian River County School District – if the School Board were to rehire him.

“It’s a personal matter,” Board Chairwoman Karen Disney-Brombach told the board, explaining that La Cava’s retirement situation would become public when and if La Cava chose to make it so.

“The vote here is quite clear to me,” La Cava said. “The contract ends June 30, 2011.”

La Cava, at the prodding of Board member Carol Johnson, told the board that he has turned down bonuses and benefits over the last two years that he is entitled to under his contract.

He has not accepted $18,000 he is entitled to for having completed Florida’s superintendent certification. La Cava has also turned down his annual performance bonus over the last two years and said he would do the same again this year. This year’s bonus would have been $24,750.

The superintendent also declined to accept half his car allowance – a dollar amount was not attached to the allowance.


Evalutaion Rating Scale*

1-2 points: Well Below Expectations

3-4 points: Below Expectations

5-6 points: Meets Expectations

7-8 points: Above Expectations

9-10 points: Well Above Expectations

Superintendent La Cava’s evaluation by the numbers*:

Maximum points per evaluation: 150

Maximum total points: 750

Average evaluation score: 118.6

Average points scored: 7.6 – Rank “Above Expectations”

Highest individual evaluation: 130 – Carol Johnson

Lowest individual evaluation: 96 – Claudia Jimenez

Highest Marks: 10 points – Integrity (2x) and Leadership/Independence

Lowest Marks: 5 points – Impact/Rapport Building (2x); Communication (2x); and Oral Fact Finding.

 Superintendent La Cava’s evaluation by the Board Member*:

Chairwoman Karen Disney-Brombach

Total score: 120/150

Average points: 8

Highest mark:  10 in Integrity

Lowest mark: 6 in Communication

Vice Chairwoman Carol Johnson

Total score: 130/150

Average points: 8.7

Highest mark:  9 points in 10 categories

Lowest mark: 7 in Impact/Rapport Building; Communication

Matt McCain

Total score: 103/150

Average points: 6.9

Highest mark:  9 in Technical/Professional Knowledge

Lowest mark:  5 in Impact/Rapport Building; Communication

Claudia Jimenez

Total score: 96/150

Average points.: 6

Highest mark: 7 points in 9 categories

Lowest mark: 5 in Impact/Rapport Building; Communication; Oral Fact Finding

Debbie MacKay

Total score: 124/150

Average points: 8

Highest mark:  10 – Integrity; Leadership/Independence

Lowest mark: 7 in 5 categories

*Source: Indian River County School District

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