Vero Beach Art Club awards scholarships

VERO BEACH — One of the missions of the Vero Beach Art Club is to “encourage and support both appreciation and creation of fine art” as it states on their website.  It is with this in mind that they have again awarded three scholarships this year to local high school seniors who are interested in pursuing their art studies at an accredited college or university.

All artists submitted three pieces of work along with teacher recommendations and a letter to the committee by the student.  Scholarships are awarded based on artistic merit and financial need with consideration to the commitment of the students and support of the instructors to demonstrate the student desire to continue their artistic goals.

After reviewing the work and letters submitted by all the students, the Education Committee awarded this year’s scholarships to three talented students, Julie Manganelli, Asia O’Grady and Daniel Bryan.  The Scholarship Committee consisted of committee chair Dawn Miller and committee members, Deb Gooch, Dawn Mill and Angela Bassini.

Also in its commitment to making art available to more students, the Vero Beach Art Club donated an additional $1,000 to the Vero Beach Museum of Art to go towards the scholarships of ten students to attend the VBMA Summer Art School.

To learn more about the educational opportunities of the Vero Beach Art Club or their other activities, please visit or call (772) 231-0303.


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