Credit score decides selection of yacht business at Vero Beach Marina

VERO BEACH – With all things considered and equal, it came down to a difference of 97 points on their credit scores. One yacht business would be allowed to lease space at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina, the other would not.

The Vero Beach City Council last week approved a lease agreement with Thomas Boylan, of Boylan Yacht Management, choosing Boylan over a Sebastian yacht management company. Boylan beat out Larry Leach who operates Vero Beach Yacht Sales, Inc.

Tim Grabenbauer, the marina director, told the council that both applicants had strong credentials and were equally matched.

“Both parties are very capable,” he said. But when it came down to deciding which application should be chosen, Grabenbauer said he compared credit scores.

The decision did not sit well with City Councilman Ken Daige, who pulled the item from the consent agenda.

The councilman said that he was sure both men would do a good job, but, “the person working very hard, at the end of the day, they’re judged on their credit score.”

Grabenbauer explained in materials provided to the council that he recommended Boylan not only because of the higher credit score but also because Boylan was willing to cut a check to the city for the entire year’s lease.

Boylan is expected to set up shop at 3599 Rio Vista Blvd. His lease is approved for one year.

Vice Mayor Sabe Abell and Daige asked that future lease applications include credit scores up front, in the application package.

Grabenbauer told the council that Leach had been notified he was not selected and the reason why he was not chosen.

“He did not contest the decision,” Grabenbauer said of Leach.

Boylan has been working in yacht management for 15 years, according to his application. He told the city in his application that he wanted to relocate to the Vero Beach Marina because his former location on Marina Village Circle was difficult for the public to access due to it being in a gated area.

The business offers yacht brokerage and marine management services and currently has 14 vessels ranging in length from 28 to 65 feet in the management program and 20 vessels listed with the brokerage.

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