Warm welcomes offset chilly temps at Gallery Stroll

VERO BEACH — Despite a brisk chill in the air, the streets of downtown Vero Beach were teaming with people for the latest Downtown Dine & Design District’s After Dark Gallery Stroll.  Galleries had partnered with restaurants and specialty food shops and visitors enjoyed nibbling and browsing their way along 14th Avenue.

At the northern end of the stroll was Tulaa Gallery, a gallery and boutique that opened this past summer which features the work of 18 local artists and three clothing lines.  Tulaa had partnered up with Bodega Blue and drew a large crowd to the outdoor lobby of the historic Theatre Plaza to listen to the harmonious acoustical sounds of the band Hair Peace.

The Artists Guild Gallery, which moved to the 3-D district in November, had its artists on hand to showcase their latest works, and those of guest artist John Cullen with his inspirational All about Reflections exhibit.

Every room of the beautifully restored building that houses Downtown Beads was filled with people, perusing their varied collections, including beads, gifts handcrafted by local artisans, skincare, soaps and herbal remedies and vintage items.

A steady stream of people wandered in and out of the always highly admired Tiger Lily Art Studios & Gallery and Gallery 14 on the west side of the street and Tropic Art & Frame on the east side.  Gallery 14 was featuring the vivid work of guest pallet artist Francis Mesaros, who was giddy with excitement over selling one of his mesmerizing pieces to new residents Ann and Steve Robinson.  “We came yesterday because we had guests who were leaving and as soon as Steve saw it he said, wow,” related Ann Robinson.  “We have the perfect wall for it; it was meant to be.” {igallery 147}

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