Callin’ hogs, tossin’ hay draws cheers, laughs at Fellsmere Frog Leg Fest

FELLSMERE – Destiny Powers decided to try her luck tossing a bale of hay Saturday during the first-ever Hay Bale Toss competition at the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival.

Try as the 15-year-old might, the hay was too much for her to get a firm grip on.

“I got this!” the teen shouted to the crowd as she tried one last time to pick the bale up to toss.

The bale traveled a scant few inches.

“It was fun,” she said, after the competition.

Both she and her friend, 13-year-old Alexander Pino, tossed the hay in the contest. Pino’s bale went a few inches farther than Powers’ bale.

“They’ve got heart,” the contest announcer said. “At least they tried.”

The winner of the contest was Bob Venello, who also decided to give the contest a try.

“Beginner’s luck” is what he said of being able to hurl the bale of hay clear across the marked area for the contest.

Tossing hay isn’t something he normally does, nor was it something he practiced, Venello said.

The Hay Bale Toss was the first of three contests new to the Frog Leg Festival this year – and was inspired by the entertainment organizer’s daily chores.

Later in the day, contestants took to the stage for the Hog Callin’ contest, eliciting cheers and laughter.

“This is for the pig I never caught,” contestant Eric said before squealing into the microphone.

Hay Bale contestant Destiny Powers took to the stage for the Hog Call, but was struck with a bout of stage fright.

“Go Destiny!” cheers rang out through the audience, bolstering her nerve enough to squeal.

After the six registered contestants offered their versions of calling hogs, a call went out for anyone else who wanted to give it a try.

Among the four newcomers was 3-year-old Trey Reynolds, who told his grandma that he wanted to do it.

“He’s not shy,” Grandma Chris Reynolds said.

Trey snorted just like a hog and walked away the hands-down winner of the contest, beating out Brian -who some in the audience said sounded just like a Pterodactyl – and another contestant, who others claimed broke all the beer broke.

“He’s an animal lover,” Reynolds said, adding that Trey has never gone around the house squealing like a hog before now.

The last of the new contests will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday – the Pie Eating Contest.

Competitors will eat an apple pie topped with gobs of whipped cream without hands, entertainment organizer Debbi Allison said. The first to finish the pie will win.

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