Sebastian leaders consider adding info kiosks to waterfront

SEBASTIAN – Members of the Sebastian Community Redevelopment Agency expressed initial support last week to installing informational kiosks within the community redevelopment area, including along the waterfront.

The CRA, which the Sebastian City Council serves as, debated the amenities the kiosks should have – including a roof and benches. In the end, it appeared the agency was in favor of a roof but no seating.

“They will look shabby quickly,” Mayor Richard Gillmor, serving as the CRA chairman, said of the information posted on the kiosks if not for sun and weather protection.

The Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce would be responsible for keeping information updated within the kiosks, according to the CRA’s discussion.

The proposed locations have not been decided on, though they could include Riverfront Park, in front of the Chamber’s office on Main Street, and a spot north of Main Street along the waterfront.

All three locations would be within the city’s redevelopment area because redevelopment funds would be used to pay for the kiosks.

Community redevelopment area businesswoman Lisanne Robinson asked the agency about placing kiosks along US 1, noting that the kiosks could help tie the two sides of the redevelopment area together.

Also, Robinson suggested the CRA consider kiosks with seating to enhance pedestrian comfort along US 1.

Mayor Gillmor initially suggested that the city look to hire a local carpenter to build the three kiosks. However, agency members Jim Hill, Eugene Wolff and Don Wright said doing so would most likely cost the CRA more money and suggested the city try to build the kiosks in-house.

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