Judge to rule on Charlie Wilson eligibility case Monday

VERO BEACH — Judge Paul Kanarek heard testimony for three and-a-half hours Wednesday in the eligibility case against Vero Beach City Councilman Charlie Wilson and told the lawyers he will make his ruling by noon Monday.At issue in the case is if Wilson was a resident of Vero Beach as required by the City Charter to run for the Council seat he won with the most votes of any candidate last month. If Judge Kanarek rules in favor of plaintiff Dian George, Wilson could be removed from office. Wilson claims the language in the charter is vague and that he met the eligibility requirement of having been a city resident for a year.George filed a complaint, contending that Wilson did not live in the city for the year prior to running for office and thus should be disqualified. Attorney Buck Vocelle tried to show that even though Wilson moved into the city days before filing to run for office, he maintained his residence in a condo outside the city limits. Vocelle called neighbors from both properties to show where he spent most of his time.Defense attorney Charlie Sullivan, Sr., only called two witnesses, Wilson and City Attorney Charlie Vitunac.Councilman Brian Heady and former councilwoman Debra Fromang, along with several interested citizens and former mayors were in attendance.

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