Commissioner O’Bryan takes chairman’s seat, Solari named vice chair

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Leadership on the Board of County Commissioners shifted Tuesday, after the commissioners elected Peter O’Bryan and Bob Solari to the chair and vice chair seats in 3-2 votes.

Former Commission Chairman Wesley Davis had nominated Joe Flescher for the chair, but the vote lost 2 to 3 after O’Bryan received three votes. Davis then nominated Flescher for the vice chair, who lost to Solari.

In accepting the chair, O’Bryan addressed Davis, thanking him for his leadership and noted that Davis had been able to keep the meetings and public discussion on a professional level, even as some issues became emotionally charged.

O’Bryan added that he would follow Davis’s lead and would also continue to allow speakers unlimited time at the podium provided they stay on point and do not engage in personal attacks.

“I’m happy to give this position to Mr. O’Bryan,” Davis said.

Commissioner Gary Wheeler had previously served as the vice chair on the board.

At the end of the 90-minute meeting, Wheeler addressed Chairman O’Bryan again.

“You run a much quicker meeting,” he quipped.

Davis added that O’Bryan has now set a high standard for ending the meetings by 10:30 a.m.

The commissioners are expected to rearrange their seats on the dais at their next meeting. O’Bryan chose Tuesday to keep the seating the same for the duration of the meeting instead of taking time to shift seats after he and Solari were chosen to lead the commission.

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