CAMERA BLOG: Are photos going the way of cassettes and Kodachrome?

I ask this question: Are photos going the way of cassettes and Kodachrome?

As cameras begin to multitask – becoming dual video and still – I worry that still photography might fade away like a print that didn’t sit in the fixer long enough. Watching television to unwind I caught a Canon commercial that said “beyond the still” and my mouth just hung open like watching my dog being ran over.

I couldn’t believe this marketing slogan. “A moment that breathes?”

Granted it’s probably in the works, but the last time I checked, you can’t hang a video on the wall.

Video is a main part of what I do for but I started in still photography. Photography has a special place in my heart, but our society is moving more to the Web and a 2-minute video can tell a story much better than a still of an event.

The one saving grace for still photography is that a good video has to be edited. This is where the art of video takes place. There are so many facets of editing a video, even a short piece, that I believe consumers will always have a place for their point and shoot cameras.

“Beyond the still” is a slogan for the new Canon 7D. Don’t get me wrong, the 7D or whatever takes its place will be my next camera (the 1D is still kicking.) But I have a feeling if I’ve learned anything in this industry, that stills are nice, but video is running away with the prize.

Do you have a special memory of your first Polaroid/film camera/digital camera? Share it below.

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