A Word from the Publisher: Three Months Later

Three months after VeroNews.com started, we are both a bit surprised and extremely pleased to report that more than 25,000 different viewers have visited our online newspaper, with approximately half of those coming back again and again to check the latest headline updates.

Who are these visitors? Well, we know that 53.8 percent of them live in either Sebastian or Vero Beach, leading us to guess that these are most likely our regular readers.

Now, when you have websites claiming that they got 85 gazillion “hits” (whatever that means) in the past month, the news that we have some 12,000 repeat viewers coming back to VeroNews.com on a recurring basis for news and information may not sound like much.

But given that 12,000 is well over one-third the daily circulation of the 90-year-old Press Journal, we think to have acquired this kind of following from residents of Indian River County after only three months is pretty amazing.

The goal of VeroNews.com, set out when we launched in mid-July, is to provide comprehensive, up-to-the minute news and commentary on the events that shape the lives and futures of the people of Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fellsmere and the rest of our communities.

This site is still very much a work in progress, but the operative word is “progress.” Each week, we try to add new features to VeroNews.com in an effort to serve Indian River County better. This is your news and information resource. Your thoughts and suggestions are very much invited.

Milton R. BenjaminPublisherpublisher@VeroNews.com

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