Carolyn Corum – Challenger

Name: Carolyn Corum Age: 52How long living in Indian River County: 36 years Place of Birth: New York moved to Florida at age 12Occupation: Independent environmental realtor (do not develop more residential land because that killed our economy, I have so much knowledge)Marital/Family Status: Married 26 years / 2 children: Lynn 23, Bradley 19

Please list Civic and Volunteer Leadership Experience including title & position and Organization including dates and locations.

City Council/Vice Mayor Sebastian 1992-1996, Friends of St. Sebastian River (FSSR) President 1998 a member for 20 years, Sebastian Watershed Action Committee (SWAC)Chairperson 1996-1999. I’m a member of FSSR, Pelican IS Preservation Society, Sebastian Historical Society, Sebastian Property Owners Association, Pelican Is Audubon Society.

Volunteer Leadership Experience: Scrub Land Trust: director Melbourne also advertised Scrub Land in IRC many people viewed IR-1 behind city hall & teachers took students with me too 1989-1997, Arbor Day:1st director Sebastian 1997, Vero Library: child leader 1990, Cub Scouts: leader & treasurer 1997-2003, Sebastian Elementary grades 4th & 5th volunteered at Donald MacDonald Park, taught scrub to students 1997-1998, Sebastian High School Lacrosse Team: organized events to raise $1,000s for the team 2002-2006,  Keep Indian River Beautiful: Leader of Trash cleanup 2005, Sebastian 4th July festival: Leader of Apple Pie Contest 2008-2010, FSSR president I got the State to buy 6,000 acres land preservation you’re welcome!


What issues motivated you to run for this office and what do you hope to accomplish during your term?

I was on City Council I made Sebastian so much better and I am the #1 person in IRC that got land preserved. Now I’ll make IRC much better. I’m running against the incumbent. I am the opposite of him. So you know, I supported him 4 years ago, but when he got on commission he changed & lied, I said I will run against you. I want to accomplish more local jobs, less tax fees, not increase utilities, help our public service is important. IRC in my opinion is one of the best counties in Florida.  I love IRC, I know why the economy killed IRC since 2004. Wish I was on commission back then. If I was, our economy would be better with me.

Do you support considering the possibility of the county removing itself from the City of Vero Beach’s water and sewer system? What factors would  you consider in making a determination whether or not such a change should  happen?

County utility manager knows how to help IRC. I do know that IRC water & sewer is much lower than Vero water & sewer. Also Vero just now increased their water & sewer rates 35% That is way too high. That’s why the county should not remove from Vero’s.

Should the Board of County Commissioners do anything to pressure the City of Vero Beach to sell its electric utility?

Yes, the county and the city get along and work hard to help each other. It’s up to Vero because they have the contract. County issue is people live in the county not city, but use Vero electric, electric has to go way down in price. We will work with Vero council.

If so, what could the board  do.

Let city know that county people has to get out of Vero electric.

If not, why not? Do you support petitioning the Public Service Commission to remove non-city electric customers from the city’s power grid?


With unemployment near 15 percent, what do you believe is the county commission’s role in bringing more jobs to Indian River County?

Industrial commercial, agriculture businesses will bring jobs to IRC is wonderful, I know how to get more jobs here, the commissioner I’m running against has ruined IRC. That’s why I have to be elected. IRC future is important. Would be best if many seniors move to IRC, they don’t need jobs. That’s why I would like to get the county to advertise in the USA for seniors to move here, no snow problems for seniors in IRC. We have great senior centers.

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