Coffee with the Vero Beach City Council Friday, hosted by Riverside Theatre

Staff ReportVERO BEACH — Vice Mayor Tom White and members of the Vero Beach City Council will be available to talk informally with residents and listen to their concerns about city issues at 9 a.m. Friday during Coffee with the Mayor and City Council at Riverside Theatre.

According to the City Clerk’s office, White will introduce any city officials or staff who are present and then gives residents the opportunity to make announcements about upcoming events. The sponsor, Riverside Theatre, will have a few minutes to tell attendees about what is going on this season at the theatre. There is also a period of time for mingling with the elected officials and staff to speak with them individually about issues. This event gives people who might not want to speak in a City Council meeting setting or who might not have the time to set up an appointment at City Hall the chance to speak with department heads or elected officials directly. “The staff and City Manager are always there and we do this so people know that the staff is available to them if they have a concern,” said City Clerk Tammy Vock.Vock said the city ran short of sponsors of the event and did not hold a coffee for a couple of months over the summer. Attendance varies by venue, Vock said. but that usually 50 to 70 people gather for the monthly coffee juice and pastries that are served and provided by the sponsor.If crowds at recent City Council meetings is any indication, the event may be packed with local residents upset about upcoming hikes in water and sewer rates and soaring electric rates this summer.

All the City Council members except Mayor Sabin Abell are expected to  be present. The event is free and open to the public and will be in the main lobby of the theatre.

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