Doug Wilson’s ABC’s Wild World of Sports Odyssey

VERO BEACH — Emerson Center Special Guest Performance of Doug Wilson’s ABC’s Wide World of Sports Odyssey, Sunday, Nov. 22 at the Emerson Center at the Unitarian Universalist Felllowship.   Doug Wilson spent the last 50 years at ABC, spanning the globe to bring audiences the constant variety of sports.  He has covered over 50 different sports for ABC’s wide World of Sports across five continents, from Olympic arenas to backroom pool halls, the Grand Prix in Monaco, figure skating in Beijing and wrist-wrestling in Petaluma.  He has won 17 Emmys and many prestigious honors.   Wilson will share interesting and informative stories and videos at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. shows.  Tickets are $30 ($40 at the door).  One show plus the 5:30 p.m. VIP Cocktail Reception is $50 per ticket. Students will be charged $15 per ticket if they arrive with their parent(s) or a student ID.  The event, sponsored in part by RBC Bank, will provide a portion of the proceeds to benefit the new Salvation Army multi-purpose gymnasium and youth activity center.

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