Sebastian Police investigate $60k drug bust

Staff Report

SEBASTIAN — After receiving a tip, investigators with the Sebastian Police Department discovered what they are calling “an organized criminal enterprise” involving $60,000 worth of prescription drugs including oxycodone, Xanax, muscle relaxers and steroids, $4,500 in cash, two guns, $6,500 worth of stolen goods, and a vehicle.

Investigators are continuing their investigation and have said they will not be releasing the names of those involved in the bust or precisely where the bust was made. However, Officer Steve Marcinik said that there are at least six other suspects officers are investigating.

According to the Sebastian Police Department, the suspects illegally obtained prescription drugs and smuggled the pills out of state. They have also been handling stolen property.

The bust occurred Friday night and kept investigators going over the scene collecting evidence into Saturday.

Most of the stolen items were automotive related and from a Brevard County store. It took police three full size truckloads to transport all the items to the police department, according to Officer Marcinik.

“The recovery of these stolen items confirms law enforcement’s claims that there is a direct correlation between crime and drug abuse,” Officer Marcinik said.

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