Law keepers and the AAA “Tow and Go” program out to make Labor Day safe

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — On the roads, in the shopping malls and in the waterways, local law enforcement agencies will be heavily staffed this weekend to police all the typical problems they see on Labor Day, including traffic accidents and incidents.”We want to make sure that everyone has a good, safe weekend,”  said Deputy Jeff Luther of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. “We’ll be looking for aggressive drivers and because of all the Labor Day sales will be in the malls watching for shoplifters. We’ll be out in the boats coordinating with the other agencies.”Luther said the area gets a good number of out-of-town visitors for the holiday weekend and that it’s the opportunity for people to take a break after the start of school.Already this evening, officers are providing traffic and security details for the rare occasion of three home football games at the area’s high schools. Law enforcement is on the scene at Sebastian River High School, Vero Beach High School and St. Edward’s Upper School to make sure that the students and spectators are safe before, during and after the games.Labor Day is traditionally a time of heavy traffic, and in the past it has been deadly in terms of traffic fatalities and the American Automobile Association and Budweiser have partnered up to protect motorists on the roads this Labor Day weekend by providing free rides home to intoxicated drivers and their cars.

‘Tow to Go’ provides a FREE confidential ride home and tow to anyone in a bar or restaurant who may have had too much to drink by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP.

‘Tow to Go’ will be available September 4 through 7. Services are offered throughout Florida, Metro Atlanta, Metro Nashville and Savannah. The program has kept more than 10,000 drunk drivers off the road since its inception in 1998.

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