Red Bull skydivers filming at Sebastian airport invite onlookers

SEBASTIAN — Sebastian residents near the Sebastian Municipal Airport may catch a glimpse of the Red Bull Air Force skydiving team filming Human Flight 3-D – but cinematographer and manager Jon DeVore is inviting everyone to come out and watch them fly.

“We want people to come out,” DeVore said. “Meet us and ask questions.”

Those who are brave enough and curious enough just might get a tandem skydiving lesson – just don’t expect to be part of the film. DeVore and the 12-member team are spending this week at the Sebastian airport filming in the clouds above the city. He said that they chose Sebastian mainly because it is known for the buildup of clouds.

The clouds create a stunning backdrop for the 3-D effects the team is incorporating into the film.

“Clouds build a virtual mountain,” DeVore said, “without consequences.”

Along with filming scenes for the film, the team is using the clouds to practice what they call “proximity flying,” which means they “fly” very close to side of the base they jumped from.

The team will be traveling to Switzerland in the coming weeks to film base jumps from mountains, including the famous Matterhorn.

Using the clouds in Sebastian, the team can troubleshoot their jumps without fear of getting pulverized on the side of unforgiving rock.

Filming for Human Flight 3-D is expected to wrap by the fall, with post production during the winter. The feature-length movie is scheduled to be released by mid-summer.

Ten months to a year after its release, Human Flight 3-D is expected to be condensed into a 40-minute IMAX film and released to IMAX theaters.

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