Deputies, detectives, officers recognized for heroism, going above and beyond

See more photos here. INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Two dozen deputies, investigators, volunteers and regular citizens – including two children – received kudos for going above and beyond the call of duty, placing themselves in harm’s way and for making the community a better place overall. Sheriff Deryl Loar presented the sheriff’s office’s first and second quarter awards ceremony Wednesday afternoon.

Among those recognized were Amanda and Zachary Reynolds, ages 8 and 7 respectively, who received the Citizens Award for calling 911 and tending to their grandmother who had fallen and hit her head. Their grandmother complained of dizziness and was physically ill but still Amanda kept calm while on the phone with a 911 operator and Zachary assisted in tending to her while waiting for help to arrive. The siblings received certificates and two $10 gift certificates to McDonald’s, to which Zachary shouted, “Sweet!” from the stage drawing laughter from the crowd.{igallery 7}

Awards handed out included:Florida Dispatcher of the Year Award: Paul Button.First Quarter Recognition: (LEO) Deputy Brian Reimsnyder, (Corrections) Deputy Mark Kantorski, (Civilian) Kelly Walsh, (Volunteer) Jim and Donna Dobie;Combat Cross: Deputy Mark Birtel;Lifesaving Award: Sergeant Justin Langford.Second Quarter Recognition: (Corrections) Deputy Yessika Mosqueda, (Civilian) Stephanie DeAquair, and (Volunteer) Art Gass;Lifesaving Award (3 awarded): Deputy Chad MacConnell, Deputy Brian Reimsnyder, Deputy Danny Hatch, Deputy Robert Ryan, and Deputy John Kane; Detective Rob Foress, Deputy Christian Mathisen, Deputy Wolfgang Weber, and Detective Joe Parrish; and Deputy Stephen Thomas Sr. and Deputy Curtis Hart.Honorable Service Award: Detective Joe Parrish, Detective Anthony Civita, Detective Scott Carmine, and Detective Chris Cassinari.Tactical Award: Deputy Mike Snowhill and Deputy Bob Wilson.Educational Achievement Award: Deputy David Bailey.Technical Achievement Award: Deputy Myron Piggot.Going the Extra Mile (1st Quarter): Deputy Thomas Copertino, Detective Michael Dilks, Kim Harmon, Candace Kaigler, Deputy Patrick Loiseau, Lucy Scheidt, and Barbie Spaulding;Going the Extra Mile (2nd Quarter): Deputy Thomas Copertino, Deputy Heath Higman, Deputy Jim Enlow, Pam Metzdorf, Renee Raia, and Shelley Wright.

2009 Florida Police and Fire Games

Recognition: Sheriff Deryl

Lead Coordinator Award: Sergeant Adam Bailey

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