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Cleveland Clinic may have saved life of our hospital

Cleveland Clinic’s takeover of the former Indian River Medical Center a year ago may have saved th


For successful robotic surgeries, ‘Xi’ marks the spot

Now that so-called “elective” surgeries are being allowed again in Florida, it’s entirely poss


Heed warning signs to treat and beat endometrial cancer

Cancer of the uterus, according the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center of Houston, is the most common cance


Some forms of dementia can be treated and reversed

Say the word “dementia” and most people think it means “Alzheimer’s Disease.” Most peop


Call in a midwife? It’s a good option for moms-to-be

Kristen Ward, Helen Clark and Joanna Mitrega are not cast members of the popular British TV drama se


Is a COVID-19 virus-free hospital room even possible?

Can any hospital in Florida offer patients a room that’s 100 percent guaranteed COVID-19 virus-fre


Wake up to life-saving treatments for sleep disorders

Having trouble sleeping lately? There is plenty going on now to keep you tossing and turning at n


What’s up, ‘Doxy’? Vero physicians praise video platform

This is not a COVID-19 story. Except it is. In a way. It’s really a telemedicine story about


Robotic arm earns thumbs up from orthopedic pro

He doesn’t ride around town a horse-drawn buggy like “Doc Adams” from the old TV series “Gun


Holy ‘MOSES’! High-tech laser busts up kidney stones

Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital urologist Dr. Marc Rose just had an ‘up-close-and-personal


Coping with foot, leg wounds while sheltering in place

More than 21 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, and roughly 20 percent of those wi


Doctor helps spread word about pediatric sleep apnea

As if parents didn’t have enough to worry about, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins All Children’s H