Vero Beach breaks daily heat record Wednesday

VERO BEACH — Temperatures hit scorching new heights in Vero Beach on Wednesday, breaking the daily heat record, according to the National Weather Service in Melbourne.

The heat climbed to 95 degrees, meteorologists said. This surpassed the previous record of 94 degrees last set on the same day in 2017 for Vero Beach.

The warm temperatures were expected to continue into the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Saturday will be sunny with the hot temperature climbing near 88 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Melbourne. Temperatures will dip near 70 degrees at night.

Vero Beach residents will see temperatures climb to nearly 91 degrees on Sunday and drop to about 71 degrees that evening, forecasters said. Monday, Labor Day, will have a high temperature near 90 degrees.

There will be a 40-to-50 percent chance of rain throughout the weekend going into Labor Day, meteorologists said.


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