State names 53 local ‘High Impact Teachers’

Teachers throughout Indian River County are making a high impact at local schools, according to the Florida Department of Education.

The department recently named 53 local instructors as “Florida High Impact Teachers.”

“This group serves as a small representative sample of the outstanding teachers here in Indian River County,” said Schools Superintendent Mark Rendell in a statement. “We congratulate each of them for the positive difference they are making in the lives of their students.”

School Board Chairman Shawn Frost said the 53 stand out teachers are key contributors to improvement at local schools.

“Congratulations to the honorees, you’ve made us all #SDIRCproud,” he said.

Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart said in a statement, ” We know more than we have ever known about the impact teaching has on student outcomes. With this knowledge comes the opportunity to celebrate successes and to support all educators in their journey to become more effective in the classroom. That starts by recognizing you.”

Here is a list of the High Impact Teachers for Indian River County

1. Adams, Carrie

2. Asselin, Rhonda

3. Auger, Kim

4. Baker, Julie

5. Barentine, Amy

6. Bartholomew, Marianne

7. Bortolotti, Terri

8. Brandes, Tamara

9. Burns, Simmie

10. Castillo, Chelsea

11. Clements, Kimberly

12. Coyle, Deborah

13. Creech, Deirdre

14. Daulby, William

15. Davis, Kerrie

16. Decaro, Jacki

17. Demsick, John-Peter

18. Devarney, Chester

19. Embrey, Kaitlin

20. Francischine, Alexandra

21. Gamez, Aleida

22. Hall, Jennifer

23. Hoag, Elizabeth

24. Houseknecht, Amy

25. Jones, Pamela

26. Lorance, Destiny

27. Maldonado, Summer

28. Maloney, Heidi

29. Mccart, Antoinette

30. Mccarty, Joanne

31. Miller, Stacey

32. Morrow, Jennifer

33. Nehf, Nicole

34. Novelli, Lisa

35. O’bryan, Susan

36. Patterson, Ataaba

37. Pervola, Pamela

38. Phillips, Carin

39. Pianelli, Kristin

40. Post, Joshua

41. Reeves, Patricia

42. Rhue, Julie

43. Ridlen, Susan

44. Rieck, Lisa

45. Rubio, Martha

46. Sanderson, Libby

47. Sanderson, Mary

48. Sarnoski, Donna

49. Slade, Kimberly

50. Smith, Lyn

51. Trax, Elizabeth

52. Wilson, Jonathan

53. Wynn, Beth

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